Insulated Bee Haven

Our Story

My Passion for wood working and the desire to provide the ultimate sustainable Bee Haven.

Custom mill work

Our brood boxes are built as standard Langstroth 8 frames wide.  The frames  measures 19  wide x 16 deep.  

About our Brood Boxes

Our Brood Box is the heart of the hive.  Thicker walls as added insulation help with the success of wintering And climate control.   Every box is built with a screen bottom for mites and debris to drop through, 2 1/2 inch slatted racks Helps bees manage air movement and minimizes bearding. With the entrance 2 1/2 inches below the the bottom of the frames  there is less draft and the queen Lays eggs to the bottom of the frames,  Managing  the air flow from the racks inside the hive is more manageable then bearding on the outside of the box Trying to push air in.


Custom saw milling

We have cedar, cypress, rough cut lumber for your own custom built boxes.